World best quality raw sewing thread

  • CoreSpun Thread
  • Textured Filament Thread
  • 100% Spun Polyester Thread
  • World class quality
  • Thies dying and SSM soft Winding & Coining machines
  • Color matching system
  • In-house testing system
  • Water treatment plant

DAF always thrives to provide sewing thread with good sew ability and capable of properly joining the two materials together. After joining these materials together, our sewing thread make sure that it lasts for the life of the product that it is sewed in.
DAF sewing thread is highly durable, Torque Free, Resistance to Needle Heat, Free of Knots & broken pieces, has excellent surface Lubricity with Suppleness, Low Elongation; that gives higher machine and labour productivity, fewer rejects, and therefore lower stitching costs.
We started with the world best quality raw sewing thread and dyes chemical; synchronising it with advanced laboratory, high grade machinery and experienced team to provide you excellent quality sewing thread for your apparels. We are able to provide tailor-make dyeing service for our clients.

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