Complementing the Apparel Luxury and Comfort through our Elastics & Narrow Tapes

  • In-house Warping facilities
  • In-house Starching & finishing requirements
  • In-house Starching & finishing requirements
  • High Pressure Ribbon calendaring machine
  • Ability to we Jacquard design Woven Elastics of both Nylon & Polyester
  • Can weave cotton, nylon & polyester ribbons

We manufacture and export an excellent range of Elastic, Twill Tape & Drawstring. All these items are made from high grade material like rubber thread, cotton, polyester textile yarn and SP thread or as specified at vendor end. We provide all kind of Elastic, twill tape & Drawstring on number of designs & sizes as per the needs of customers. We ensure good mechanical strength, flexibility, high resistant to water, perspiration & rubbing for all our products.

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