Board of Directors

    • Mohammed Yousuf
    • Managing Director

Mr. Yusuf is one of the pioneer businessmen in the Bangladesh garment industry. His vision and exemplary leadership has sustained DAF's dedication to serve as one of the leading producers of garments and accessories for more than 20 years.

    • Deputy Managing Director
    • Tawsif Ahmed

Mr. Ahmed is a young and dynamic individual with an applaudable insight on Businesses worldwide. His completion of higher education in Business Management in the U.K. has further enhanced his knowledge and passion for business. Moreover, he is determined to implement environment friendly policies and bring green technology to make DAF completely free of environmental costs and encourages others to do the same. Alongside his father, he leads the internal and external operations of DAF and manages a global network of partners and suppliers. He envisions DAF to go beyond its highest achievement yet and exceed the expectations of its partners and buyers in the future.

  • Mohammed Abdus Salam Director

  • Mohammed Abser Director

  • Mohammed Yakub Director

  • Mohammed Showkat Director

  • Sakeef Ahmed SalamDirector

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